This project is my exploration of a small town in Haiti – portraits of individuals spanning over four years of work. Titanyen is a city in Northern Haiti, with a population around 10,000 – not including the unknown numbers of bodies buried beneath its dirt. Titanyen has been used to discard unwanted bodies for centuries – from the thousands of those who opposed the government under the Duvalier government, to the most recent burial location of bodies from the devastating earthquake that wreaked havoc on the island of Haiti. Since the earthquake, over 10,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves in Titanyen. Now, the living live amongst the dead in Titanyen, and its inhabitants are daily reminded of their islands brutal past.

Titanyen means “less than nothing” in Creole, the local language of Haiti. These portraits and images come from a village that is incredibly close to my heart, and of people I have gotten to know over the past four years. My intention is to explore how closely linked life and death are, and how the line blurs for those who live with their apparitions, with their ghosts. Death is more than close to home for the individuals I met in Titanyen. This is their story.